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My love for this brand all started in 2011 when I was introduced to their amazing shoes,
just by chance I might add but I do believe it was meant to be. 
Almost one year later I decided to open my shoe store and at the top of my
"must have shoe brands" list was Chie Mihara. 
If you are already familiar with this fabulous brand then you won't be
wondering why I love her shoes so, but here are my reasons anyway.
Firstly Chie Mihara is a brand of shoes designed by a woman,
a woman who loves to wear highheels. 
For me this is one of the key reasons why her shoes are so amazing.
She understands what we want but more importantly what we need from our shoes. We want them to be pretty, feminine and sexy but we NEED them to feel amazing when we wear them. We want to be able to get on with our everyday lives and still do all the things we need to do while wearing gorgeous shoes that make us feel fabulous.
Well that's I want anyway and I don't believe that is a lot to ask for, do you?
I know Chie Mihara certainly doesn't feel it is, as that is exactly what she delivers.
My second reason for loving this brand is that I get the opportunity to handpick my leather and colour combinations when buying my collection for the season.
I find it really important to show ones personal style unfortunately the opportunity to wear something unique, something not mass produced especially in shoes is becoming harder and harder. As we get older most of us want the opportunity to wear something that will not be seen everywhere, so being able to offer shoes that are very limited to my customers is important to me.
From the very first day I put on a pair of these amazing shoes I fell in love...
Each collection I continually get amazed at how beautiful her designs are and how amazing the shoes feel once they are on my feet. They truly are designed to wear all day.
The shoes are handmade from the highest quality leathers and they are made
by people who have a love for the art of shoe making. They are passionate about their craft.
Join me today in a true love affair, a woman and her favourite shoes...


The Wife x 





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