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Buying the right pair of shoes can make all the difference.
Of course your shoes must look beautiful and make your heart skip a beat as you imagine taking them out on the town, or how fabulous you will look once they grace your feet.
Though there are more things to consider than just how they look,
they also have to make you feel amazing.
So before you buy your next pair of shoes consider the following:
  • Do they pinch? if they do when you try them on for the first time this will not change as it means they are just not the right cut for your foot shape. (Keep in mind pinching is different to feeling firm)
  • Are your toes sitting flat (normal) or are they scrunched up? 
  • Is your foot sitting where it should in the shoe? Many women make the mistake of buying shoes that are too big. Yes they feel roomy when you try them on but any shoe made with quality leather is going to stretch as it moves with your foot. So once the leather softens and stretches your foot will no longer sit correctly in the shoe.
  • Good leather shoes should feel firm but not squashy and you should fill them completely. Meaning no gaps at the back.
  • Do you stand upright in them with a straight posture, no leaning forward.
  • Do you feel supported enough to walk with confidence 
In my twenties I only bought shoes because of the look and many times
I had blisters and bruised toes, I'm sure many of you can relate.
Thank fully those days are long gone and the shoes from my
collections have all become my best friends.
The Wife x 


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