Care For Metallic Leathers.

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As you know I absolutely love Shoes in Metallic leathers. I feel they have such a glamourous feel and to be honest I just love wearing them because they make me feel so special.

As beautiful as they are though they do require a bit of extra care. So I thought it was time to mention the different types of metallics, the process of making them and of course how to care for them.

Types and Process

Metallic leather or Metallised leather is leather with a metallic look. Metallic effects are generally only found on smooth leather. 

Leather with bright Metallic look: There are leathers that have a look of bare metal. Such optics are achieved by applying a foil with metallic optics to a smooth leather. For this purpose, thin layers are applied, which look like a polished metal surface. 

Leather with Metallic effect: Some leather only has a metal effect. On these leathers, there is a basic colour without metal effect, which is later covered with a top coat (clear lacquer) and a metallic effect. Such leathers only have a metallic shimmer.


Care Tips

Apply waterproofing spray that is specifically designed for Metallic Leathers onto the shoes immediately prior to wearing to help avoid any water-based stains.

Apply the same spray regularly and frequently if the shoes are worn often.

Always store them in a Shoe Bag so they aren't exposed to humidity or damp which may cause them to tarnish.

Only clean them with special leather wipes that contain canuba wax, as they are gentle enough and won't strip the metallic finish.


Things to know

When Metallic leather scuffs, it will expose the leather underneath. Unlike most smooth leathers where scratches and marks can be covered with an appropriate polish. At this stage there is no known process to re-foil the scuffs on metallic leather. It saddens me to say this but once Metallic Foil Finishes are scuffed, it is irreversible. So the key is to take care.

Furthermore, with time and abrasion some surface finishing might be lost and it is just the way that Metallic leather goods age over time. So embrace the beautiful charcter they they will get over time and love them just the same.


If you need anymore tips come see me or drop me a line.

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