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1950s fashion moved style from the salons to the streets and was, without doubt, one of the industry’s favourite decades.

 Dior’s hourglass shapes heralded a new era of womanliness. The 'lady' was back and looking better than ever. 
Coco Chanel introduced ‘the Chanel suit’ (as we still know it today); a slim tweed number with contrasting bound edges which aimed to offer an elegant alternative to the New Look sinched in waists.
Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor were a few of the style icons of the time.
Breasts were enhanced, Hems were mid length, Make-up was loved and respected, Hands and feet were manicured
and Highheels were apart of a womans every day life.
The women of this era embraced glamour, femininity and beauty...
their elegance is hard not to desire. 
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