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Are you desperately searching for that perfect fit and a unique pair of heels to compliment your own personal style.
A pair of shoes that supports and elevates you as you walk?
Buying from the mainstream stores is underwhelming, the styles are very limited and the colour choices leave little to the imagination with black,
neutral and maybe one colour option of the season. Not to mention the customer service, which is non-existent!
You’ve made quick purchases before - settling for the best of a bad bunch only to find that when you wear them your feet feel tortured.
Disappointed, you add them to the pile in your wardrobe, never to be worn. What a waste of time and money - again!
You've tried to buy online and that feels more like you’re playing Russian roulette. You’re never sure what the outcome will be. After weeks of searching, you finally think you’ve found the perfect pair, only to be left disappointed when they finally arrive - always slightly too big or too small, never just right.
Then the overwhelming mission starts to successfully receive an exchange or refund!
I'm sure you’re starting to think you will never find anything good and are resigned to the sad reality heels are not for you. It’s easier if you just give up. 

All you want is a pair of fabulous heels from someone who can truly help you with the perfect fit so you don’t feel like you’re being tortured when you wear them
and a relaxing, lush experience that leaves the soles of your feet and your soul feeling amazing...
It's time to spoil yourself or someone you love with a unique,
luxurious experience

I invite you to experience the perfect fit

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